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Travel essentials for Europe

Travel essentials for Europe

I have been to Europe two times. First to Greece and then to Spain for a study abroad program. Wish I went more but fortunately, I am going for the third time in December! I wanted to share some of the things I'm taking on my trip. I got my first passport in 2008 because I went to Greece in 2009. It was going to expire so I went ahead and renewed it online. A lot of times your passport has to be good for 6 months after the day you get back. Mine expires in 2018 but the new one is good until 2027!

I am not the best at packing light but I will be taking one checked bag since I'm only gone 10 days! While the iPhone is a great camera, I went ahead and got a new one that is as thin as wallet. Whenever you go to Europe, you have to take lots of pictures! This one has 20.2 megapixels but I haven't tried it out yet. 

I got a mobile battery because nothing could be worse than your map app draining your battery while you're out exploring. I used to have the mophie case but I don't like it and also once I updated my iPhone it no longer fit anymore. This battery should add up to 12 hours and it should work as long as Apple doesn't change the chargers again! A power adapter is also a must for Europe because they don't have the same outlets as America. This time I will be in London, Italy, France, and Switzerland. This adapter has 3 outlets and 4 USB ports and works in more than 150 countries worldwide. I should have already had power adapters since it's not my first trip to Europe but I always lose my stuff so I had to buy new ones!

Chic jetsetters always have cute luggage tags, luggage, and passport holders. I love the rose gold color of this suitcase! Can't wait to use it!

Oribe is truly a genius. I have already been using his Gold Lust texturizing dry shampoo and it is amazing! You should definitely go buy it if you haven't tried it already! Oribe came out with this travel essentials collection for people always on the go and I knew I had to have it. They are all travel size but I usually check a bag even on short trips just because it's a benefit of having airline credit cards. 

Passport holder

Luggage set

Canon ELPH 360

Luggage tag

Mophie Mini Powerstation

International power strip

Oribe Travel Essentials

On getting sick in a foreign country

On getting sick in a foreign country